2-Way Audio Splitter (Split Audio)


  • 2-Way Audio Input Splitter
  • Split into Microphone and Headphones inputs
  • For All audio input-enabled devices (Phones, PC, Laptop, Mixers, etc)
  • Very easy to use
  • cute and and lightweight
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This device is very useful in two case scenarios:

  1. You have a device with just one input, usually for only headphones (example: smartphones), and you want to connect another input device such as a microphone to the device.
  2. Or, you have a PC or Laptop (some HP devices) with just one combo input (one input for either headphones or microphone at a time) making it difficult to use the two inputs at once.

This 3.5mm jack audio accessory will split the audio input path into two to enable you connect both headphones and a microphone at the same time.

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Y-shaped (wired cable), U-shaped




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